2013 SBIM

Athlete Tracker via Social

No matter where your fans are on race day, they can follow your journey with our Athlete Tracker.


You can track up to three runners via Facebook and Twitter. Pre-register by 11:00 p.m. EDT, November 08, 2013.

Register Now Online

Available now through November 8

In order for us to post alerts direct to your social walls as your favorite runner crosses the START and FINISH for the HALF MARATHON and START, HALF, and FINISH for the MARATHON, you need to follow this simple process:

1. Give us permission and authorize our application to post alerts on your social walls.
2. Tell us who you want to track


For more details, visit our FAQs by clicking HERE

Web Tracker

Race day only

Web Tracker will be available on RACE DAY only. Click HERE to track now. Spectators can come to this page to search for their athlete and see the START and FINISH times fo the HALF MARATHON and the START, HALF , AND FINISH for the full marathon. Desktop and mobile web devices will be supported.

For more details, visit our FAQs by clicking HERE

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